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DXB Sports Massage is Dubai’s best mobile sports massage and sports therapy company. They bring Sports Massage, Cupping, Stretching, Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation and Recovery right to your own home.

DXB Sports Massage founded in 2020 was Dubai’s pioneering mobile Sports Massage and Sports Therapy company. They are now a widely recognised brand across the region where their team of therapists are well known for their work with some of the worlds top and most famous athletes. If you’re looking for a deep tissue massage, treatment of an injury, release of some tension or even a treatment plan for a problem you’ve had for a while; DXB Sports Massage is the team you need to book with. They are available 7 days per week and travel to all regions of Dubai. If you can’t host them at your home they even have therapy rooms across the city including Dubai Marina, Al Quoz, and the Palm Jumeirah.





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Toby, Founder

Toby has been in the fitness and sports industry since he was a child. He started competitive sports at the age of 8 and worked his way through the ranks to compete internationally across three different sports on the world stage. As a former international rugby player, Great Britain diver, and Scottish Track and Field star he has been involved in training, competing, rehab and recovery for over 20 years.

His experiences as an athlete and Olympic level coach have given him an even greater insight into how to nurture, develop, and repair the human body over other therapists and sports injury experts in his field.
Having studied Podiatry and Lower Limb Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland and furthering his knowledge through various courses including levels of coaching, strength and conditioning, massage, and complementary medicines Toby has a vast array of tools, techniques and knowledge at his disposal when it comes to fixing those that are injured.

Toby opened his first Sports Injury Clinic when he was 21 in the UK and has gone on to be the founder of the fastest growing mobile therapy business in the UAE: DXB Sports Massage. Now at the age of 30 he is widely recognized for his work with Olympic and world class athletes and a vast selection of Celebrities and professional sports stars from around the world.

Toby’s approach to identification of injuries and imbalances and his own style of treatment and rehabilitation comes from his medically trained background and his personal experiences as an athlete and coach. He loves thinking outside the box and educating his patients so that they leave his sessions not just feeling better but understanding the reasons for their injuries and the methods for their recovery.

Alexandra, Senior Therapist

Alexandra has almost a decade of experience working within the fitness industry and is also a professional bikini athlete. She has been competing professionally for the past 5 years. Through her experiences as an athlete she understands the importance of recovery. She is also a qualified personal trainer and uses her background in sport to deliver the best in her Sports Massage treatments.

Alex is from England, UK and has a Diploma in Sports Science and Health Science. She initially started her journey in health care as a dental nurse before moving to London to gain experience and additional qualifications.

Alexandra moved to Dubai in 2020 and has experience working with a variety of athletes, professional athletes and celebrities. Alex is particularly experienced with MMA athletes and Body Building Professionals.

Alex also attends regular professional development training sessions where she furthers her knowledge every week in all elements of Sports Therapy including Stretching, Cupping, Scraping, Kinesiology Taping, Rehab and more…

Jake, Senior Therapist and Rehabillitation Expert

Jake has a long career in high performance sport. He was born in Ireland and grew up always being involved with sports to a regional level. He then moved to London to study Sports Science and Nutrition.
Jake has a number of degrees on top of his Sports Science and Nutrition qualifications including a Bachelors of Science in Strength and Conditioning and a Masters Degree in Sports Rehab.

His vast knowledge in Rehab and Recovery has seen him in the treatment rooms with National and International athletes from an array of sports, including players from the Premier League and FIFA World Cup.

Jake is an expert in assessment and diagnosis of injuries. He is able to determine the cause of an injury, the reason for the injury, and then prescribe the appropriate treatments to alleviate the problem.

Jake has experience with treatments across the whole body including chronic back and shoulder pain but is particularly talented with and interested in lower limb and knee injuries.

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